Learn with Janie – Our Services

Welcome to JMS Tuition Services, where we provide one-to-one lessons, topic mastery courses and revision strategies for students from primary to GCSE. Our experienced tutor, Janie, offers personalised attention to help students develop their skills and succeed academically.


  • Get personalised attention and feedback from an experienced tutor
  • Choose from a range of services tailored to your needs and budget
  • Improve your grades and academic performance with customised study plans
  • Gain mastery over specific topics and subjects with self-study courses
  • Develop better study habits and strategies for long-term success
  • Build confidence and motivation in a supportive and encouraging environment


  • One-to-one lessons: Get personalised attention and feedback from Janie, our tutor, in maths and English. Fees vary for one-to-one lessons, last for 1 hour per week through Zoom and apply to Primary through to GCSE children.
  • Revision Roadmap: Get a customised study plan on a particular subject with our 10-week program. Individual subjects include maths, English Language, English Literature, history, geography, biology, chemistry and physics. The program costs £125 and includes one hour a week with tutor Janie through Zoom.
  • Topic mastery courses: Choose from a range of self-study courses on individual topics in a subject, including geography, science, history and English Literature. Each course costs £25.

Whom Are These Services For?

Our services are ideal for primary to GCSE (year 11) students who want to improve their academic performance, develop better study habits and gain mastery over specific topics and subjects. Whether you need one-to-one lessons, self-study courses or a customised study plan, we can help you achieve your academic goals.


Q: How can I schedule a lesson with Janie?

A: You can schedule a lesson with Janie by contacting us through our Facebook page.

Q: How much do one-to-one maths and English lessons cost?

A: Fees for one-to-one lessons vary. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Preliminary fees (in 4 week blocks):

Primary – £120 

Keystage 3 – £160

Keystage 4 – £200

Q: How long is each lesson?

A: Each one-to-one lesson is 1 hour long, Revision Roadmap is for 1 hour and each topic mastery course is self-paced.

Q: What subjects are covered in the Revision Roadmap program?

A: The Revision Roadmap program covers a range of subjects, including maths, English Language, English Literature, history, geography, biology, chemistry and physics.

Q: Are the study plans for Revision Roadmap customisable?

A: Yes, our study plans are customised to fit your individual learning style, pace and goals.

Q: Can I choose the topics I want to study in the Topic Mastery courses?

A: Yes, you can choose the topics you want to study based on your interests and learning needs.

Q: What platforms are used for tuition?

We use zoom meetings for all lessons, and Google Classrooms (each student has their own personal classroom) for all other forms of communication between Janie and student.