Why I Created Secondary Maths Revision


Over the last two years, online learning has become more and more important.

I know online lessons with school have put a lot of children off home online tutors, and it makes me really sad. Due to the impact online schooling created, I feel that children are falling even further behind.

When I first started Janie’s Mobile School back in 1996, my mission was to improve a child’s education to the point that they excel in school and beyond. I’ve achieved this with so many over the years.

I am a perfectionist, which makes me very thorough when it comes to my teaching. Sometimes they want to run before they can walk, but without the foundations of any subject progressing to the advanced subjects can be an obstacle.

So, I decided to create these maths revision sites to help children progress even though it will involve a lot of disipline, as they will be learning on their own most of the time. The full curriculum will not be taught, but topics that have caused the most struggles over the years. It’s mostly the same ones, so I can guarantee they will be the ones your child needs the most help with.

If you are wanting your child to be taught the full currriculum, you will need to book my regular weekly lessons through zoom. If you need to know more, contact me via messenger on my Facebook Page.


These are the eight main topics I will be teaching in the online classroom. Each of these will be branched into sub topics.

Each lesson will come with a downloadable worksheet, with answers, for extra revision practise.

Available throughout the UK

  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Graphs

There will be a reasonable monthly subscription to be a part of the Secondary Maths Revision Classroom. All I’m asking for is £20 per month, and you can leave any time.

This will cover the work involved in putting these lessons together, and help from me. Although, the help will be very minimal as I will be concentrating more on my regular children.