IB Biology

B 4.2 – Ecological Niches

The IB Biology B4.2 Ecological Niches video revision guide is an essential resource for students studying the International Baccalaureate syllabus. This comprehensive and well-detailed resource aims to break down complex topics in a simple and clear manner to assist with understanding and revision.

The video lessons delve into essential topics, such as understanding ecological niches, differences between organisms, the process of photosynthesis and an overview of the types of nutrition – holozoic, mixotrophic, saprotrophic and nutrition in Archaea. It also takes an in-depth look at dentition and diet among omnivorous and herbivorous animals.

Furthermore, the video guide goes a step further to detail the specific adaptations that herbivores and predators undergo and covers plant adaptations in different environments. The concept of fundamental and realised niches is covered, as well as the unique aspects of species exclusion.

Complementing the video revision guide is a workbook with both questions and answers designed to support revision further and cement understanding of these core biological concepts. It allows students to test their knowledge and provides solutions for effective self-assessment. This dynamic and effective learning tool offers students a comprehensive way to prepare for exams and solidify their knowledge of ecological niches.

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