GCSE Foundation – B1 Cell Biology


GCSE Foundation – B1 Cell Biology course is designed specifically for GCSE students, to delve deep into the captivating world of cellular biology. The content and course material covers the essential aspects of cell biology, offering a robust platform for building a deep and lasting understanding.

The course begins with a detailed discussion on what cells are, followed by the dissection of their various types and constituent parts, such as the nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane and cytoplasm among others. It further breaks down the functions of these components and why they are important for the overall performance of the cells.

Next, the course shifts its focus to microscopy, delving into its practical applications. Students will learn how to properly use a microscope, prepare slides and closely study cells under a microscope. Furthermore, it discusses the concept of magnification and the method of calculating cell sizes.

Building upon the basic understanding of cells, the course takes a step further and discusses the intriguing concepts of cell differentiation and specialisation. Here, it sheds light on how cells in multicellular organisms modify to perform specialised functions by expressing certain genes but not others.

Next, the course involves an in-depth exploration of chromosomes, genes and DNA, delving into their roles in inheritance and genetic variability. This is followed by an intense study of mitosis – the cell division process, where each step is broken down for students to thoroughly comprehend.

The penultimate section uncovers the mysteries of stem cells, beginning with a clear definition, then discussing their types, their uses in treating diseases, and the associated ethical issues.

Finally, the course examines diffusion, osmosis and active transport, covering their individual functionalities, their role in cell substance exchange and the significance of the surface area to volume ratio in the substance exchange process.


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